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I want to create a world where everyone gets the occupation that is the best fit for the type of intelligence and personality he or she has, and everyone would receive a lifelong direction right from the kindergarten till retirement to guarantee lifetime assistance for people to develop.

My name is Bakhtiyor Khuja, and I'm inviting you to a journey that will create opportunities for millions of people around the world. Together we will help people discover Einsteins and Bachs among, and more importantly, in themselves.

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We are conducting short phone interviews with job seekers, their friends and family members, managers, supervisors, and C-Level executives of companies. Our interviewees will be sharing their understanding of how they search for a job or how they hire, how they work or train.

Please click here if you are a job seeker, friend or a family member of a job seeker, a manager or a colleague expecting new employee, a recruiter, an entrepreneur or a C-level executive