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Mirzo Ulugbek Park, Tashkent, UzbekistanIt was the summer of 2006 when my brothers, some of our students, and I were having a walk by the large pond in our park.

We were having one of our usual discussions about future and education talking about a boy recently applying for ecology faculty at one of the universities because he desperately needed a diploma of any university to get a job in about 4 years, and admission requirements at that institution were a great fit for him.

We knew many similar stories of very logical yet unobvious choice, and being inside the process we were familiar with the background of candidates. For example, the guy to become an ecology expert was really good at Maths but his family could not afford proper training and direction from someone in their towns and villages.

We were discussing how thousands of high school graduates were becoming economists or lawyers or journalists. We knew it was partly because of the employment market, partly because following others is not so scary.

We saw how could-be mathematicians, singers, artists, chemists, engineers, biologists, and many others - they chose to ignore their calling and decided to replace their dream with a bird in their hands.

Yet, it was happening because we did not have a time machine to tell that another Einstein or Bach will spend their lives in love or hate about their career being someone to make money for living.

It was on that very day when I gave a promise to my brothers and students. I wanted to create a world where everyone gets the occupation that is the best fit for the type of intelligence and personality he or she has, and everyone would receive a lifelong direction right from the kindergarten till retirement to guarantee lifetime assistance for people to develop.

Now please take a look into the mirror right now. Has the one you see ever felt sorry for choosing the wrong pill years ago? Did that person ever have a chance to choose?

What if back then there were the tools and systems to identify the wide range of opportunities you actually had? What if those tools and systems were able to build the foundation of better, true you?

My name is Bakhtiyor Khuja, and I will spend the rest of my life building this. I'm inviting you to a journey that will create opportunities for millions of people around the world. Together we will help people discover Einsteins and Bachs among, and more importantly, in themselves.

Together we will build the world of dreamers.

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Together we will build the world of dreamers

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