8 seconds. It’s that long what a regular recruitment manager may have at a large corporation to look through my CV. 8 seconds is all you have to understand years we spend at schools, universities, companies, and outside job or education-related environment. 8 seconds to decide ‘trash or not’.

This is what people think of you.

Hundreds of CVs every single day, vague job descriptions and candidate requirements, endless corrections to what a hiring manager may expect, and hours of looking for the very candidate.

This is your reality.

As long as you are acting as a filter in this employment funnel, as long as we keep depending on outdated employment paradigms, there is a gap between who you are and how your job is perceived.

Imagine a world where you do not have to look for a match in documents. Imagine that you are here to build a new understanding of what the job could be. This is the world where you teach people to communicate their dreams better, and where you are the reason and media for harmony in organizations.

This project is to fundamentally rethink your role by finding out what you have inside to share with the world of dreamers. Because you are the dreamer, aren’t you?

Please let me have 20 minutes long chat with you over the phone, Skype, Google Hangouts or any other convenient media at a convenient time. I will be asking open-ended questions to figure out your understanding of the main steps a person in your role goes through while resolving the issues mentioned above.

I will be grateful if here in this form you could let me know you can talk to me.

Together we will build the world of dreamers

Please click the corresponding link if you are a job seekerfriend or a family member of a job seeker, a manager or a colleague expecting new employee, a recruiteran entrepreneur or a C-level executive and we'll arrange a call at a convenient time for you. It will be a 15 to 30 mins call where we try to find out what you think of job search and employment.